Jigs and Fixtures Suppliers in Pune

Tamboli Engineers is one of the premier and paramount electrical firm serving its clients from past thirteen years and is the best and one of its kind. Various machinery and equipment are needed in the industry to carry on the process and this part cannot be taken lightly. For this act, one could definitely trust them.

Every industry success is based on the mass production of any product being developed and also on the interchangeability so as to augment effortless assembly and unit cost reduction. For these various methods are being employed out of which Jigs and fixtures are the ones.

Methods used for Jigs & Fixtures Manufacturing:-


Jigs and Fixtures in Pune

• Complicated
• Machining

Jigs and fixtures are two different words. Jigs are work holding devices which are employed to a position, hold and support the workpiece with guiding cutting tools for explicit operations.

Different types of Jigs include:

• Box type jig
• Solid type jig
• Plate type jig

Fixtures are again work holding and supporting devices used in the industries to locate and support the workpiece for some specific operations but not guiding the cutting tools for any operation.

Different types of Fixtures are:

• Turning fixture
• Milling
• Tapping

Thus they improve the efficiency of work by eliminating the production of meager quality products and dropping the product cycle time.

Tamboli Engineers is one of the best Jigs and Fixtures Suppliers in Pune contrived and manufactured in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the clients. They provide the most superior and best quality material to the clients giving them not only satisfactory yet excellent results.

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