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Precision engineering, a sub-discipline of various engineering field like software, electrical, electronics, mechanical etc. is mainly concerned with:

• Designing
• Fixtures
• Structures

Precision Machined Components

Precision Machined Components Manufacturers

In the industrial parlance, it implies:

• Creation of a highly precise movement
• Automating assembly
• Efficiency
Machining is a process wherein raw material (called work-piece in the trade) is cut into desired shapes and sizes using manually or machine controlled tools. The various machining process includes:
• Drilling
• Milling
Electro-chemical machining &
• Ultrasonic machining
Precision engineering and machining together form components called Precision Machined Components which have the following features:
Low tolerance
• Repeatable
• Stable
Precision Machined Components have application in:
• Machine tools
• Opto-electronics
• MEMS etc
It is obvious that precision components are vital to the efficient working of any machinery or job work. Tamboli Engineers supply all forms of precision components as per the specifications using the latest available technology.

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