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Precision engineering forms part of other disciplines like electrical, electronics and optical engineering. The combined characteristics of machine tools and control determine the precision of the workpiece position.
There are three critical measures of precision, namely
• Accuracy
• Repeatability
• Resolution
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Turning is a machining process wherein a cutting tool (mostly non-rotary) follows and defines a helical path while moving in a somewhat linearly manner. The work-piece meanwhile keeps on turning. The process is carried on both the internal and external surfaces and is also referred to as boring when considering the internal surface.
Turning is of four types:
• Straight
• Taper
• External
• Profiling
Components formed by turning when produced using the discipline of precision engineering, are called Precision Turned Components.
The output from the process besides being within the specifications of the client needs to be strong, reliable and durable. All these features are evident in the output of Tamboli Engineers at a reasonable price.

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