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As the demand for high-end, automatically ‘Computer Numerical Controlled’ CNC-driven machinery is soaring, the demand for the CNC turned parts are also increasing concurrently. Defects in the smallest part of the machinery can trigger a drastic slowdown in the manufacturing industry. Understanding the need of the hour and the value of both time and speed, Tamboli engineers manufactures an array of supportive machinery parts that are well finished and simply docks in the machinery to help them work efficiently. We manufacture small to a big, wide range of CNC turned parts that are not only durable but easy to fix, economical, and resistant.
At Tamboli Engineers, we invest in cutting-edge machinery, ensuring both precisional and high-quality work deliverance. We are one of the best CNC turned Component Manufacturers in Pune, and our assembly of specialization includes:

What Are Our Attractive Features

Some of our attractive features include:


Our CNC machine parts are highly durable. Our machine parts are well-finished and polished to work efficiently for a longer period. Our auto parts components, connector components, screws, etc., are made of superior quality goods and technologically advanced machining processes. We manufacture goods with precisional, measurement and designs, so that our parts may simply dock in their subjective place.


The different tools and precisional mechanized fitting for automated systems are a perfect fit and highly efficient. Thus energy loss due to resistance or wear and tear can be mitigated by using our efficient machinery parts.

Reduced Human Intervention

One of the major benefits of using CNC systems is it is completely automated, works continuously and without any break. The software s are designed to preprogram them so that they function without human intervention.

Reduced Human Error

Machines are more precisional; hence automated CNC Turned systems reduce human error.

Whom Do We Help

We have a long list of industries whom we help to gain momentum in their industrial businesses. They are namely:

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