Precision Machined Components

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Precisional engineering is a subdomain of engineering, like other domains such as computers, electrical, mechanical, etc. The engineers specialized in precisional machining are hired by precision machined component manufacturers in Pune to cater to the nuances of the manufacturing process of precisional machined components.
The engineering focuses on three major processes for manufacturing precisional
machined components. Those are:

What Is meant By Precision Machined Components

Machining is the process that converts raw materials into perfectly cut Precision Machined Components of customized shapes and sizes.
Tamboli Engineers is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with CNC machines that allow the manufacturing of complex precision machined components. We use machining processes such as drilling, milling, electrochemical machining, and ultrasonic machining to manufacture highly durable and reliable precision machined components.
These CNC equipment are very reliable and helpful for precision machined components manufacturers. The precisional machines pass through extreme precision processes such as deburring, honing, and OD grinding for giving a precision product as a component.

Materials used

Features of Our Precision Machined Components

Our components are:


We manufacture these precisional components used widely by different industries. It usually finds massive application in
It is evident that the mechanical components have to be precisional to provide efficiency to other types of machinery. At Tamboli Engineers, we manufacture quality components using the latest technology with CNC machinery.